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HP Envy 4502 e-All-in-One Printer Driver

123 HP Envy 4502 Printer Setup:

123 HP Envy Printer has the trending efficiency to scan, print and copy documents. The basic functioning of the 123 HP Envy printer itself is so much satisfying to its users this is because of the efficient design and the Setup of the system. 123 HP Envy Setup provides the best of its performance to its users. The HP Envy Printer provides the best of experiencing printers. To get started with your 123 HP Envy printer setup all you need to do is remove the printer from its packing and connect the printer to the power source. Initialize settings and get started. Setup your Printer for getting experienced with rich quality printing.

Unboxing 123 HP Envy Printer:

  • To set your 123 HP Envy Printer and get started remove the printer from the box.
  • After taking the printer from the box remove the packing cover on the printer.
  • Open the access door.
  • Remove the packing material from the printer access door.
  • open the Printer Paper delivery tray.
  • Remove the packing material from the paper delivery tray.
  • After removing all the packing material from the HP Envy Printer.
  • Connect your printer to the power source.
  • After connecting the power cord Turn ON the printer and set the initial settings.
  • Finally get started with your 123 HP Envy Printer.

Now you are all set to get started with your HP Envy printer. To know more about your Envy Printer go through the manual guide that is given along with the Envy Printer. If in case you have missed the manual guide you can visit 123.hp.com/setup to know in detail about the Envy Printer.

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Positioning HP Envy Cartridge:

123.hp.com/envy4502. The most appropriate and essential thing for printing is the ink cartridge. You can setup your ink cartridge to your 123 HP Envy Printer to get a rich printing. To print your documents with efficient printing you can use 123 HP instant ink. By setting up instant ink you can save up to 50% of ink and you get intimated about the ink levels everytime. Once your Printer ink level gets down your printer will intimate a message to the 123 HP Envy Support. Before the ink cartridge could drain you will be delivered with the new 123 HP Instant ink cartridges.

Setting up your ink cartridges,

  • To install your 123 HP Envy Instant ink cartridge open the cartridge access door.
  • Wait until the cartridge carriage gets to the center.
  • Remove the ink cartridge from the package.
  • Hold the ink cartridge by the sides and make sure that the cartridge is not shaked.
  • Do not touch the ink cartridge at the printing strips.
  • Fix the ink cartridge on the carriage.
  • Place the cartridge on the carriage and push until it snaps.
  • After fixing the black cartridge to the carriage now repeat the same for the color cartridge.
  • Make sure that the cartridge snaps the end of the carriage.
  • Now close the access door after installing the ink cartridge.
  • 123.hp.com/envy4502.

You can use the HP Instant ink cartridge for your Envy Printer and make sure that the cartridge is not shacked. Also you can avail service for your HP Envy Printer on 123.hp.com/setup. This would be more beneficial. For more details regarding your HP Envy Printer ink cartridge setup you can visit 123.hp.com/setup or you can call to our technicians to help you out with the setup process.

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123 HP Envy 4502 Setup for Personal devices

How to connect HP Envy 4502 to Windows:

To get connected to your windows device, do the following.

  • Before initializing your 123 HP Setup to your computer make sure you have the driver disc to install.
  • Insert the driver disc to your computer driver and install the HP Envy software.
  • In case if the computer pops up stating your software outdated or you have missed your disc.then,
  • Download the Printer driver setup from 123.hp.com/setup.
  • Run the setup get installed and start printing documents from your computer.

How to connect HP Envy 4502 to your MAC:

Now connect your Mac device to your HP Envy Setup,

  • Connect your Mac device to your HP Envy Printer, all you need to do is install the Airprint app from the istore.
  • Check for the Air Print on the iStore and get it installed to your MAC device.
  • After you install the Printing App to your device.
  • Open the Airprint app and share the document that you wanted to print.
  • Enter the number of copies that you wanted to print.
  • Select black or color print.
  • Select your Printer name from the list of printers and select print option.

How to connect HP Envy 4502 to Smartphones:

Connecting HP Envy 4502 to smartphones

  • Now it is easy to connect your 123 HP Envy Setup to your smartphone.
  • Find your HP Printer App from your android app store.
  • Install the app and select the document from your smartphone.
  • Select the number of copies that you wanted to print and select the print option.
  • Before selecting the print option you can make some changes to the document.
  • After your done with the changes click the print option.

Wireless Setup for 123 HP Envy 4502

Wireless Setup:

Wireless network is one of the important way of connecting your HP Envy Setup to any of your devices. Wireless Setup gives yo the best of connecting to your personal devices. To get your HP Envy 4502 connected to a wireless network all you need to do is get your wireless setup installed to your Envy Printer. follow the guidelines to get started with your wireless Setup.

To connect your HP Envy Setup to an wireless network do the following,

  • Set your HP Envy 4502 in a space to make comfortable and feasible connection.
  • You should have a wireless router, SSID and phrass key to get connected to the network.
  • After initializing the Printer Setup for wireless connection.Connect your computer to the wireless router and your HP Envy Setup to the same network.
  • To get the network Setup started up enter the SSID and the phrass key.After entering the phrass key make sure your wireless setup is established.
  • If your connected to the wireless setup now you can start printing easily through your wireless network.

Wi-Fi protected Setup:

To connect 123 HP Envy Setup to an wireless 802.11 network, you will need to do the following, A wireless 802.11 wireless router is needed. You  should have a wireless enabled computer or a laptop. Or a network interface card connected to your computer. The computer must be connected to the wireless network with which you can install your HP Envy Setup. Choose the Network name (SSID). And select the WEP key or the pass phrase.

  • Broadband internet access such ad cable or DSL is needed.
  • To use the Wireless Setup function you need to fix the HP Envy Quick support from 123.hp.com/setup.
  • Turn ON the Wireless button on your 123 HP Envy Printer.
  • Connect both your devices to the same wireless network.
  • Enter the Network name (SSID).
  • WEP Key or WPA phrase is needed.
  • Now you can start printing your wireless Setup.

for more details on wireless setup click 123.hp.com/setup.

Connecting your printer to wireless network:

Get Your 123 HP Envy 4502 connected to the wireless Setup. Select the settings option from the wireless option on the printer control panel. Select the Wireless Setup Wizard, and click OK. To complete the setup for the wireless connection follow the onscreen instructions. Insert the printer software and install the software. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the printer driver software.

  • Connect your 123 HP Envy Wireless Setup to your Wireless Printer.
  • Get your printer and personal device installed to a wireless network.
  • Now check the established network setup is correctly connected to your Wireless network.
  • Print a test page from your personal device using the wireless setup.
  • If your 123 HP Setup is not connected properly try reinstalling the Setup.
  • If the problem exists visit the 123.hp.com/support for detailed guidelines about your 123 HP Envy Setup.

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Push button method:

It is simple to activate the Push button method with your Wireless Setup Printer. follow the below given steps to activate the push button method on your 123 HP Envy 4502 Setup.

  • Press and Hold the Wireless button on the printer control panel to display the wireless Menu.
  • Press the Wi-Fi protected Setup button on the router.

PIN Method:

You can also activate the PIN method in case if your Push button method is not able to initialize. Follow the instructions to get your PIN Method installed,

  • Press the Wireless button on the printer control panel.
  • Select the Settings from the printer display.
  • Select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup from the printer display.
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup router with a WPS push button.
  • Finally,  Select the Push Button and then follow the on-screen instructions.

123.hp.com/setup For Help Assistance CALL TOLL FREE 1-469-777-4991

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Wireless Connection for 123 HP Envy 4502

Wireless Connection:

Wireless connection for your 123 HP Envy 4502 Printer Setup and installation can be done by installing the printer driver setup to your computer. Your pc should support the wireless connection. Make sure that the PC accepts the network connection or else you cannot connect your device.

Wireless Connection for HP Envy Setup Installation:

The Network connection for the HP Envy 4502 printer is so called the Traditional Wireless Connection. This traditional wireless connection is the earliest and the common means of connection that is usually followed for all 123 HP e-All-in-One printers. To get started up with your 123 HP Envy traditional wireless connection follow the instructions given below.

  • To connect Printer to an integrated wireless WLAN 802.11 network,
  • A wireless 802.11 b/g/n network with wireless router or access point required.
  • A desktop or laptop with wireless support is required
  • Broadband internet access either cable or DSL is required.
  • Enter the Network name(SSID).
  • Also, enter the WEP key or WPA Passphrase.

Connect Wirelessly to HP Envy 4502 without Router:

Connecting wirelessly to your personal computer or any of your personal devices is more simple when compared to connecting it to the wireless network. All you need to do is connect get a 123 HP Printer Driver software installed to your personal device and then press the wireless button on the HP Envy Setup now the entire installed setup gets connected wirelessly and you can start printing without a router connection.

  • To connect your 123 HP Envy Printer 4502 wirelessly without router,
  • Install the HP Printer driver Setup to your Personal device.
  • Turn ON the Wireless button on the 123 HP Printer.
  • Now connect the computer to the wireless printer through the software that is installed.
  • Now your wireless connection gets established without a router.

The Website is an independent website that provides information about the 123 HP Printers. We do not have any specific link or associate ourselves with HP now its services. All the information and the images used in this website are only for information purpose. We are not sellers or service providers of  HP in any form. We do not provide warranty or services for any 123 HP products that are associated with the manufacturer. You should approach the manufacturer for the same. You can download the latest printer software for your HP printer at i-123hp.com 

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