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123 HP Setup Envy 4520 Printer Guide

123 HP Setup Envy 4520:

People try to make documents out of all their works. They try to make documentation inspite of their busy schedule and hence they try to take prints instantly.

Here is were printers help users. In order to take access of printers from anyhwere, Hence HP developed printers that can perform in any kind of criteria. One can take access of the printer and perform all actions on the printer. Know more on your printer setup using 123 HP Setup Envy 4520.

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How to access the printer?

To access the printer one should know how it works. After purchasing the printer, place the printer in a nearby place of access. Now connect the printer to the power source. Turn ON the printer and make initializations.

Once the initial steps have been completed, start to use the printer. In order to take access of the printer, driver software has to be installed to the computer. Install the printer setup to the personal device to get started.

Installing Ink cartridge:

The next step is to install the printer’s ink cartridge. Only when the cartridge is installed, the printer can print documents. To install the printer setup to the computer, look out for the printer’s driver disc. You can also download the software from 123.hp.com/setup 4520

Insert the driver disc to the computer driver. Run the setup file on the printer. Install the printer setup to the computer to take direct access of the printer. Now proceed further by printing the test document on the printer from computer.

 How to connect to Wi-Fi?

To connect the new 123 HP Setup 4520 printer to a wireless network. Do the following, After installing the printer and the driver to the computer, connect the printer to the wireless router. Connect the computer on which the driver software is installed to the same network. After connecting the printer print a test page from the computer.

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