Privacy Policy is the sole proprietor of the website. This page distinguish declares that the proprietors of this Company absolutely uphold the client confidentialities during the service period (service call, troubleshooting and payment).This website protects the details of the Users who visit the website and provide qualm less and mutual understanding throughout the association. Provision of details such as name, address, email id, gender, and date of birth is mandatory to create an account with our service. Some information like Internet Protocol, Access time, language and Country you’re browsing from will automatically be saved. All these composed information are preserved with utmost precaution and never utilized for personal or selfish purposes. You have to create an account with us to get remote support and the details furnished by you for this will be kept safe. During payment, information regarding your credit card / debit card / or any other alternate payment mode may have to be furnished. We guarantee discretion in such matters. At the end of the service period, your personal information will be deleted from our database. We do not take responsibility in the event of interference by trespassers, causing payment failures or directing payment to different destination. Payment is at your own risk. Information collected during troubleshooting such as your system model, printer model, firewall information, system or printer age, type of internet connection, operation system used in your device etc will not be divulged to any third party for any marketing or promotions and will be kept confidential by is allowed to may make certain changes to the website’s privacy policy every now and then after reaching a mutual understanding with the clients. Personal details are collected through cookies, solely to ensure identification and serve no selfish purposes. These cookies could be blocked, though accessibility to some parts of the website would be denied attributed to the blockage. When users visit our website some impersonal details like Internet protocol address, browser type, date and time of your request, last visited website will automatically get stored with us. We preserve details such as your login name, passwords, frequently visited pages on our site etc to customize our site for your accessibility. We use your impersonal information to advertise the websites you visit while browsing. You can opt out of this arrangement anytime you want if it makes you uncomfortable.